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Avian Influenza, Pullorum-Typhoid Free, N.P.I.P. Certified Flock
Peafowl Varieties We Raise
Java Muticus-Muticus Peafowl
Black Shoulder Peafowl
Buford Bronze White Eyed Peafowl
India Blue Peafowl
India Blue Pied Peafowl
White Peafowl
India Blue Silver Pied Peafowl
India Blue White Eyed Peafowl
India Blue White Eyed Pied Peafowl
Spalding Green Peafowl
Spalding Pied Peafowl
Spalding White Peafowl

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The prices for the peafowl pairs or singles Do Not Include Shipping.
4 year old White Peacock @
$300.00 paired with 3 year old
Spalding Pied peahen @ $275.00
Peahen laid & hatched her own
Click on the photos for a larger
Click on the photos for a larger
2013 Buford Bronze White Eyed
pair, Peahen laid well this Spring
4 year old high percentage
Spalding Peacock @ $450.00