India Blue Silver Pied Peafowl
India Blue White Eyed Peafowl
India Blue White Eyed Pied Peafowl
Spalding Green Peafowl
Spalding Pied Peafowl
Spalding White Peafowl
Java Muticus-Muticus Peafowl
Black Shoulder Peafowl
Buford Bronze White Eyed Peafowl
India Blue Peafowl
India Blue Pied Peafowl
White Peafowl

Four Oaks Peafowl
Avian Influenza, Pullorum-Typhoid Free, N.P.I.P. Certified Flock
We ship most anywhere in the United States. All Peafowl
are  shipped in biologically secure shipping boxes. We ship
in the cooler months from September through May for the
comfort and well being of the Peafowl. The costs of the
shipping boxes are $15.00 for a pair of young juveniles,
$15.00 for a single adult. Peahen or an older pair of juveniles,
and $35.00 for the large shipping box for a mature peafowl
pair or mature peacock with tail.

The shipping charges are based on your locations zip
code, the weight of the shipping box and the peafowl. The
peafowl can alone picked up in person with prior
arrangements. We accept Cashiers Checks, Money Orders,
all Major Credit/Debit Cards  through the secure check out
with PayPal, and cash in person when picking up peafowl.  
We do not accept personal or business checks.

Peafowl Varieties We Raise
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