India Blue Silver Pied Peafowl
India Blue White Eyed Peafowl
India Blue White Eyed Pied Peafowl
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Spalding Pied Peafowl
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India Blue Peafowl
India Blue Pied Peafowl
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Four Oaks Peafowl
About Us
Avian Influenza, Pullorum-Typhoid Free, N.P.I.P. Certified Flock
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10.17 Four Oaks Peafowl
We are located in Northern Ohio half way between Cleveland & Toledo
approximately 15 miles south of Sandusky & Lake Erie.
Sandusky is home to one of the most popular amusement parks in the
United States Cedar Point.  Were located less than 10 minutes south of the Ohio
Turnpike for convenient pick ups, which we encourage if Possible we have a Norwalk,
Ohio mailing address, were actually 1/2 mile from Milan, Ohio, birthplace of Thomas
Edison. A small town square with various antique shops, restaurants, Thomas
Edison's  and the Milan historical village. Were also less than 10 minutes from the  
largest indoor water park in the United States Kalahari Water Parks.
We start shipping in the fall when the peachicks are 3-4 months old  and past the infant
mortality phase of their early days, outside and off of heat. We incubate our peafowl
eggs & sell our juvenile peachicks. They're fully feathered out, hardy peafowl like we
would purchase ourselves. We have 4 family generations that participate in the work
involved with the every day care of feeding, watering, collection of eggs, setting the
eggs in the incubators, turning the eggs, transferring eggs from the incubators to he
egg hatcher's, then the newly hatched peachicks are off to the brooder until they are
all feathered out.
We then place them into indoor grow pens with 1/2" by 1/2"  vinyl coated hardware
wire on the floors until they are ready to go outside into lager grow pens with sandy
soil and hardwood chip runs.

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Cedar Point  Amusement Park

Kalahari Water Park

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